致 謝 範 例


依科技部規定,核心設施使用者論文發表為科技部評估核心設施服務效益之一, 使用者因使用核心設施服務所產生之實驗結果發表研究成果﹙包含:學術演講、 論文、著作、專利…等﹚,應將核心設施列入「Acknowledgment」或「Method」 中,註明核心設施之貢獻,並將成果回報給核心設施。致謝內容應包括總計畫名稱 「National Core Facility for Biopharmaceuticals (NCFB)」、資源中心名稱及「計畫編號)」。

We thank the Human Disease iPSC Service Consortium for iPSC generation and technical support. The Consortium is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) (MOST 110-2740-B-001-003).

若是使用者忘記致謝時,請使用者提供Statement of Acknowledgement,範本內容如下︰

Statement of Acknowledgement:

As one of the authors of the following paper(s) titled as:
(1) XXXX
(2) XXXX
(3) XXXX
I would like to acknowledge that some of the experimental works of the 
above-mentioned papers were conducted through the usage of Resource 
Center Project "XXXX".
Name of PI: ________________
Signature of PI: _____________


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